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Informations sur l'industrie

Performance Characteristics and Classification of Glass Fiber Tape Foil Tape


Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape using high-quality pressure sensitive adhesive, good adhesion, strong adhesion, can greatly improve the product insulation properties. It is generally used for bonding of joints, beeing of insulation nail punctures, and repair of damage. It is a necessary raw material for refrigerators and freezers, and it is also a raw material for insulation materials distribution department.

Performance Characteristics and Classification of Glass Fiber Tape Foil Tape

First, characteristics:

1. The anti-corrosion performance is greatly improved: The surface of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating and the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. At the same time, the use of polyethylene hot air is legal, and no need to use composite adhesives to eliminate the hidden dangers of corrosion of the surface of the aluminum foil caused by moisture or solvent-induced adhesive residues in the compounding process.

2. Direct hot pressing and compounding eliminates the need for composite adhesives and saves the cost of veneering composites.

3, water vapor permeability is smaller, more strengthened water vapor barrier effect: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil heat seal polyethylene layer in the middle than the general veneer thickness, water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier effect is better, reliable protection of the glass Cotton and other insulation materials.

4, better tensile strength, veneer more crisp: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil than the reinforced aluminum foil mechanical strength, more suitable for glass wool factory, rock wool factory, mineral wool factory online fit.

5, the veneer is more even, reducing the chance of aluminum foil surface damage: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil due to fine cloth, polyethylene layer thickness, the veneer is more even, the aluminum foil surface is not susceptible to friction damage, so as to better play the role of water vapor barrier function .

Second, use:

It is suitable for splicing of pipeline sealing, insulation of HVAC ducts, cold and warm water pipes, and water vapor barrier, especially for pipeline sealing in the shipbuilding industry. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape is widely used in stove explosion-proof adhesive surface, large wind pipe insulation veneer paste. The constant-power or variable-power electric heating seat heating system includes a heating cable, a glass fiber mesh and a thermostat, and the heating cable is bent and fixed on the net according to a thermal design, and a variable power (self-limited) floor mat can be used. In the mobile electric heating ground, an anion far-infrared ecological functional reflective layer (aluminum foil glass fiber cloth), a heat insulation layer (pixel thin plate), a bottom layer (non-woven fabric), and a decorative surface layer are added to the floor mat. The decorative surface layer can be Hard or soft. Such a structure allows simple self-laying installation, use, and installation without worrying about the thermal engineering, electrical design and construction of heating cables, and there are suitable installation options for the selection before and after the interior decoration. With moisture, airtight, shading, abrasion resistance, security, non-toxic and tasteless advantages. If this composite aluminum foil material is used for cooking food packaging, it can at least ensure that the food is not deteriorated for more than one year. The aluminized film has good fragrantness, metallic luster, and beautiful decoration, but it is not transparent, the contents of the package are not intuitive, and the resistance to bending and bending is poor, and pinholes or cracks are easily generated after kneading, thereby affecting the barrier property. Aluminum foil is divided into hard aluminum foil and soft aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth is a combination of aluminum foil and glass fiber cloth adhesive. Glass cloth aluminum foil tape has excellent water vapor barrier properties, high mechanical strength, and oxidation resistance, strong cohesion, corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance.

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape is suitable for the pipe sealing splicing, heating and ventilation air duct, insulation and water vapor barrier requirements of the heating and cooling water pipes, fixed, anti-electronic interference, isolated electromagnetic waves, engineering industry, electronic insulation of various equipment.

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